Happy Anniversary My Darling

by Dr. Lindyke

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The greatest horror isn't something that can't exist... it's the things that DO. And great evil is always a parody of great good. This song is based on an actual story of someone who took True Love to extremes.

There's a full song bio at music.cratchit.org/2015/02/spintunes-10-round-2-happy-anniversary.html


Happy Anniversary, My Darling
Forget the morning, ignore the breaking light
All that lies before us transpired in the night
We've long been undisturbed by the events that we surround
But there's a time for everything and the time for this is now

I approach with much conviction, gilded shovel in my hand
To open up my heart, just to cover it with sand
And with all the things you've told me, the denials and the lies
I feel as though your motive is to bury me alive

There's a key to all this method, but I keep it safe from harm
Along with all the passions that you'd smother in your arms
There's a cold and lonely winter contained within your heart
Made into breathless summer when we have been apart

To preserve our endless love
We tore our lives asunder
In the wisdom we've been offered
Absence makes the heart grow fonder

And so we had to sever
The passion from the pain
The discord from the rapture
The spirit from the frame

But Darling, true love never dies...
And Darling I will love you 'til the end
And Darling, when this night of love is through
I will bury you again.

I will bury you...


released 01 February 2015
Lyrics and Music: William Hoover & Dave Leigh
Vocal and Piano: Dave Leigh
Inspiration: Dr. Carl von Cosel
Photo: chicks57 via Flickr




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