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This is the first volume of collected covers of the song "Today's the Day" by Inverse T. Clown


released January 1, 2009



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Dr. Lindyke Union

"Dr. Lindyke" is the nom de plume of William Hoover and Dave Leigh. William writes lyrics; Dave writes music. Though we write a lot, neither of us are really performers, and we LOVE it when people cover our songs. Please do.

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Track Name: Inverse T. Clown - Today's the Day!
I had a dream last night
In which everything wrong in my life went right
And much to my surprise
It was a quick transition
It played out so vividly
That's it's hard to describe what it did to me
Suffice to say I took it
As a premonition

Today's the day I get a move on
Today's the day I change
Today's the day that I improve on
Who I am and everything I do:
Today's the day that I break up with you

Just stop and think about
All the times I gave in so that we'd work out
If you look at the score
I think I tip the balance
But you prob'ly think that's great
'Cause you take and you drain and manipulate
I guess every succubus
Is gonna have those talents

Today's the day that I get angry
Today's the day I fight
Today's the day that I harangue
The telling-off that's way past overdue:
Today's the day that I break up with you

Don't look at me like that
With your cute pouting lips and your big, sad eyes
You're pretty, but you're pretty much a bitch

It's time for you to see
That the world is the world universally
And nowhere does it say
That you can run my planet
So you take our history
And your need for control and co-misery
And brace yourself real good
Then go ahead and cram it

Today's the day that I'm the victor
Today's the day I win
Today's the day I do your sister
Here's a toast to starting life anew:
Today's the day that I wake up
It's time to say I've had enough
Today's the day that I break up with you
Track Name: Asim Chin - Today's the Day
I've been subscribed to Asim for a long time, and if you're not...you should be. I might post a video response showing how much of a pest I made myself while waiting for this. Anyways, thanks Asim, it was worth the wait. - Spin
Track Name: "Buckethat" Bobby Matheson - Today's the Day
For a Canuck, "Buckethat" Bobby Matheson has a folksy down-home style that at times reminds me of Louisiana. Bobby always comes across as sincere and somehow strangely lovable.
Track Name: Chris Cogott - Today's the Day
I don't care who you are. Chris Cogott probably sounds better than you do. Get over it.

I don't have a video of this song because Chris is very shy and lives in the Witness Protection Program. Actually he's not, but I want you to treat him as if he were. Because he doesn't know he's awesome, and if any of you bastidges tell him how good he is he may go pro and not have time to collaborate with the rest of us poor schlubs anymore. Then I'll have to come to your house and strangle you, personally.
Track Name: Chris Commisso - Today's the Day
This was commissioned as part of Chris' Kickstarter campaign. Not only was he a sport about it, he gave the song a unique positive spin.
Track Name: Common Lisp - Today's the Day
The psychedelic video for this song doesn't creep me out at all.
Track Name: Denise Hudson - Today's the Day
Denise manages to turn this into a smokey piano-bar number. Great vocals and a great interpretation from the first female artist to cover "Today's the Day!"
Track Name: Dr. Lindyke - Today's the Day
The Dave Leigh half of Dr. Lindyke was the third person to cover this song. Since a couple of piano takes were already done, he went with a C&W guitar interpretation.
Track Name: Edric Haleen - Today's the Day
Edric started it all with this Broadway re-interpretation.
Track Name: Edric Haleen - Karaoke Version
A karaoke track for people who WANT to cover the song but are light on musical ability. It's piano only, in the style of Edric Haleen's cover, suitable for embellishment or use "as is".
Track Name: Emperor Gum - Today's the Day
Check out Emperor Gum's other work at https://emperorgum.bandcamp.com
Track Name: Gemini Blvd - Today's the Day
It's time for a cover that's more than a little different. The University of Central Florida's award-winning co-ed a cappella group takes on the cult classic.
Track Name: Jeff MacDougall - Today's the Day
Jeff MacDougall did something completely different here! Not only did he bring in a nice, clean "doo-wop" sound, but he did all the recording on his iPhone! Insane? Not if you listen to it. This is AWESOME.
Track Name: Menage-a-Tune - Today's the Day on Sesame Street
My cover to the Inverse T. Clown song "Today's the Day". Imagine puppets being involved...
Track Name: Joe 'Covenant' Lamb - Today's the Day
Joe 'Covenant' Lamb shocked all listeners with this radical departure, re-imagined as a Celtic ballad in 3/4 time, accompanied by his ever-present bodhran. Genius!
Track Name: Kevin Savino-Riker - Today's the Day
Kevin Savino-Riker brings a fresh Pop sound to his cover with excellent layered vocals and full band instrumentation.
Track Name: Kyle Crownover - Today's the Day
Kyle is part of the Crownover Band, which is an up-and-coming country group out of Nashville.
Track Name: Lyrical Venus - Today's the Day
Lyrical Venus has the best of the modified lyrics of the female performers.
Track Name: Paco del Stinko - Today's the Day
One thing Paco doesn't do is stink. This is a really excellent cover. Paco del Stinko is a regular at Song Fight.
Track Name: Sarah Miles - Today's the Day
This gorgeous cover is by the gorgeous Sarah Miles. Check out more of her music at http://www.sarahmilesmusic.com/
Track Name: The Doubleclicks - Today's the Day
The Doubleclicks (Angela & Aubrey Webber) have a new album out called "Dimetrodon" as well as this awesome cover of our favorite song of all time. I highly recommend their album (I got a copy), so check these ladies out!