Doom's Day

from by Dr. Lindyke

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Our official entry for Spintunes 12, Round 1. The challenge: Write a song from the point of view of someone who just won or lost an election. We decided to go the fictional route and write of a Balkan election where the only name on the ballot is that of Doctor Doom (nemesis of the Fantastic Four). The neat bit about this is that there IS a "Doom's Day" holiday in the FF comics, and it's whenever Doom decides. As there are "elections" just like this in the Real World, we feel it's safe.



I am Latveria’s protector
I can soothe or correct her
And the UN inspectors
Are so many fools

All the armchair debators
And the Internet haters
Try to call me dictator
And label me cruel

But it's plain to see
All the people love me
And they call me a charmer
As they polish my armor

[musical break]

Fatigued of useless opining
All my enemies whining
I began redefining
A political tool

I appointed electors
To discredit defectors
And all the objectors
Who question my rule

And on election day
I've declared it a holiday
Unlike the U.S. in disarray
They all vote or there's hell to pay
And by Royal decree...
Every vote is for me!
So the whole world can see
My legitimacy

Lob zu Latveria (Praise to Latveria!)
Lob zu Latveria (Praise to Latveria!)
Und unser König (and our king)
Victor von Doom (Victor von Doom)


from Submissions, released January 22, 2017




Dr. Lindyke Union

"Dr. Lindyke" is the nom de plume of William Hoover and Dave Leigh. William writes lyrics; Dave writes music. Though we write a lot, neither of us are really performers, and we LOVE it when people cover our songs. Please do.

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